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Our Guarantee

Mountain View Kennels guarantees the Golden Retriever pups to be healthy at the time of purchase. We recommend that he/she be taken to your veterinarian within seven days of purchase for a complete health check and evaluation.


We guarantee their hips. If a problem develops by two years of age, please have x-rays taken. To have a dog's hips properly diagnosed with hip dysplasia, your dog must be sedated to ensure proper x-rays are taken. Upon receipt of a statement from the veterinarian that shows severe dysplasia, in accordance with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals' Standards of Measurements, we will replace your pup with another pup either from an existing litter or the very next litter. In case of severe dysplasia we must receive a statement from your veterinarian that the above mentioned dog has been euthanised by him/her. Also, that his registration certificate with ownership transferred to Lori L. Rhodes is sent to us before we consider replacement. This is to spare him/her a life of pain and to prevent the possible inheritance of the condition by breeding him/her.


Mountain View Kennels breed for even temperament and intelligence. Keep in mind he/she will grow to be a large dog and if not properly trained and socialized, could become a nuisance. We recommend that you obedience train your puppy.


A well trained dog is a pleasure to own!


We only breed if both the male and female hips are rated "good" or "excellent" by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Of course, this does not guarantee the puppy will be free from dysplasia, but it's a good start.


Warranty only covers the matter specifically set forth above.  The warranty does not apply to any traumatic injury.


We will refund the purchase price or provide a comparable replacement, upon the return of the dog, or 50% refund of the purchase price if the owner elects to keep the dog, if all the following terms are met.


The do is diagnosed by OFA as being moderately or serverely dyplastic on or before the 26 months of age. A copy of the OFA report must be submitted to the seller. Large breed puppy food must be feed to the dog until the age of 12 months old or the guarantee is void. You must have proof of the purchase of the large breed food.


The dog is diagnosed by a qualified veterinary ophthalmologist as having  Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) or Congenital Cataracts on or before 26 months of age. A copy of the medical report must be submitted to the seller.


Only one replacement will be given.


Dogs that have been used for breeding before 26 month old are not guaranteed.


If you, the buyer, fail to give your dog proper veterinary care, this guarantee is voided. If you transfer ownership of this dog, our guarantee is void unless we are notified prior to transfer and approve in writing.


Mountain View Kennels assumes no liability for any damages the dog may cause.


The seller assumes no responsibility for the puppy/adult after leaving the premises, including all medical expenses. 


Remember, a well trained dog has a happy and proud owner!


A shot and worming record will accompany the purchase of your new puppy.

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